Friday, February 11, 2011

An unintentional mistake, or abuse of social media? Jawbone and Netflix in trouble?

Hardly minutes ago I received the email you'll find below. It simple and clearly states that if I tweet a particular messages that mentions @Jawbone and @Netflix, I will receive 1 year of Netflix and a Jawbone Jambox for no further cost, effort, or lottery. Who can say no to free? Not I when it's this easy so I tweeted then hit the link to see what else @Jawbone had to say and noticed an interesting tweet from them:

"@ See our Twitter feed--it's for a chance...." even as I write this, I just found a new one, "@ This opportunity is for a chance to win one year of Netflix Streaming and a Red Jawbone Jambox."

When you understand that you can't truly "undo" a tweet, that makes for an interesting situation. The email from JawBone reads as a promise to trade a service (a tweet from me) for goods and services (Netflix and the Jambox), but their tweets say that my service was actually only for an entry into a lottery. In the end, they get their nearly free advertising (mass-emailing does have a cost associated with it) while Twitter bares the larger expense and those of us duped by Jawbone/Netflix have nothing to show for it.

I'd say that qualifies as misleading at the least and of interest to the FTC at most. I'll be interested to see how they try to back peddle their way out of this one.

Netflix Jawbone Contest
Hi friends, one last special gift for Valentine's Day. Jawbone has teamed up with Netflix to offer a FREE year of Netflix streaming and a RED JAMBOX.

All you have to do is tell us what your Valentine's Day guilty pleasure movie is by tweeting: "Yo @Jawbone @Netflix, my VDay guilty pleasure movie is_____."

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The contest ends 12:00 PM PST on 2/14.
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