Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm getting ready to defect.

Ok, maybe not quite ready, but it's a thought that's occuring more and more all the time for a number of reasons.

I'm seriously becoming sickened that I gave 4 years of my life to support this country and help maintain "freedom" when it's coming to this type of behavior. I don't care if there's some back-story here. The Police made it quite clear that they were arresting these people for DANCING. Notice how they wouldn't answer the mans question about what charges he would be arrested on? Also, the treatment of the camera-man at the end who was completely uninvolved and only observing. Thank goodness too because his bravery allows us to see the abuse.

More and more I'm seeing and sensing the reign of King Henry the VIII in this country and he is as responsible for anyone in driving people out of England to establish the UNITED STATES [not federation] OF AMERICA. Of course his neglected but conditioned daughter Queen Mary [aka Bloody Mary] perpetuated things, but the wheels were already in motion.

Someone tell me how I can make a real difference. I'm not being given a choice of president that will help, contacting representatives only results in canned replies and who knows if it makes any difference how many calls I make or letters I write, and clearly protesting is as risky now as it was if you did so as a person of black skin in the 50's. What options are we left with aside from non-peaceful "protest"? Would it matter anyway considering how many people seem to be content to let shit like this go on? If I'm such a minority in feeling this way, then I have no interest in further supporting this country with my hard work, financial revenue, and OBSCENE taxes (don't get me started on the Internal Revenue Scam). If I'm not a minority in my feelings, then I must conclude that I'm surrounded by others who at best are as lost as me in how to respond, but also aren't speaking out enough based on my observations (when did you last contact your congress person or a House representative?). In that case, I still fear I'm doomed and I don't want to be around when the country as a whole gets fed up enough that we end up with a nation wide L.A. Riot-type response (think Rodney King injustice inciting people to act out).

Why I'm selling my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and keeping the HTC Rezound


My SGN never got setup completely (thanks to the rediculously slow transfer required due to lack of sdcard) and even prior, I was so disappointed by the screen quality (so much hype about SAMOLED) and camera compared to my Rezound that it's now just sitting here waiting to be sold while I keep loving on my completely stock Rezound.

I tried using FTP server/client between my SGN and Rezound (over WiFi that proves capable of no less than 12Mbs using Speed Test to San Jose). I also tried using SMB to a maching on my network. I tried Bluetooth File Transfer (both phones do support BT 3.0 supposedly) and finally, I just pulled my sdcard from my Rezound (how nice it was to have that ability), used a card reader to copy files to a PC, then connected the SGN and used MTP to try and copy files onto the SGN. That was the final straw. HOURS later and I just couldn't migrate my files onto the SGN and that's when I decided enough was enough. I wasn't going to try and survive with a "Dev" phone that had no sdcard. Especially when I remember how painful my last two Samsung experiences were (Captivate and Charge).

The screen size is both a benefit and liability depending on my mood so I don't count it, and I'll take the glowing blacks and light bleeding of the Rezounds SLCD screen over the color banding and hashing I saw on the SAMOLED display any day in trade for the amazing colors and density the SLCD gives me. What's more is that it seems there was either a wireless bandwidth limitation or I/O limitation being realized somewhere because when I watched Tudors (Showtime series) via Netflix on the SGN under identical conditions to the Rezound, I never felt I was getting "HD" on the SGN. The rezound never took more than a minute to clean up and lose all the blocking and banding.

HDMI out (need an MHL adapter of course) is another missing feature for the SGN. The more devices I own with this feature, the more I come to appriciate it. I can see why it's so understated when so few applications truely benefit, but the Rezound has an incredible GPU and now OnLive works over Android so more and more, I see my "phone" becoming a truly portable "console" gaming system. Between that, Netflix, Google Video, and soon Vudu I hear, HDMI is a major feature the SGN lacks.

Also, with the extended battery I like how it feels in hand plus I'm getting 16+ hours with 3 hours screen-on and I've seen 26+ hours once when I forgot to charge overnight and only has about an hour of screen on the following day (bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and 4G enabled constantly). To me, the SGN love seems almost iPhone fanboyish in light of the Rezound being available, but then that does assume my priorities toward the screen and camera which weigh heavily. To someone else those might not matter so much and that could change the equation significantly.

Even ICS was a bit disappointing because apps kept crashing ("Stopping"), especially the browser. In the end, the slightly buggy build of ICS on the SGN seems to be the only significant advantage the SGN has over the Rezound in my opinion.

I can only imagine what kind of experience I'll have when it gets S-OFF and then eventually a fully functional build of ICS. I'm still in awe of how incredibly smooth, snappy, and functional a completely locked, stock, Sense ROM is on the Rezound. The is the first device I've owned since the days of Windows Mobile 5 that I'm not "dying" to hack. I do look forward to a FULLY functional ICS ROM for it, but I won't be running a broken one (read, "NO CAMERA"). ICS just isn't bringing enough to the table for me to temp me that way. I do realize that I'm a rare breed though given my tendencies towards Sense. Heck, the only ROM I've ever been a signicant part of was the ZeusDroid project for the OG Droid and there's a good reason for that. In case that comes as a surprise, that's because I've always been more concerned with supporting developers than getting recognition. My time and loss at is the ultimate proof. I'll leave that for another day though.