Thursday, February 3, 2011

Memory = Storage?

Now I'll admit that it's been a while since I last looked up the definition of "memory" in the context of computing. In fact, the last time I had to do that, you could likely have earned your A+ certification if you knew what RAM meant. Back then as i recall, "memory" was synonymous with "RAM" which is volatile and a major factor in a computers performance. Storage is non-volatile and generally MUCH slower than RAM. Apparently Dell has grown so large that they now hire "sales staff" that will deal in computer/technology equipment, but that doesn't need to know even the most basic terminology. I love Dell, use their equipment (or branded equipment they sell anyhow) and this really isn't to bash them, but to share a laugh with you.

02/02/2011 08:57:28PM
Session Started with Agent (Maricel G)
02/02/2011 08:57:34PM
Agent (Maricel G): "Welcome to Dell US Chat! My name is Maricel and I will be your Sales Chat Expert. I can be reached at us_con_sl_apos_chat or via phone at 1-800-289-3355 ext. 7284516. How can I help you today?"
02/02/2011 08:57:37PM
Agent (Maricel G): "By the way, the number provided above is our team's voice mail box and the message box to type in is on the bottom portion of the chat, just to the left of the send button if you are having trouble finding it."
02/02/2011 08:58:18PM
Rainabba: "I wanted to find out how much memory the Dell Streak 7 has and if there's any release date on the Streak 10. Can you answer either?"
02/02/2011 08:59:19PM
Agent (Maricel G): "Hi Michael :D"
02/02/2011 08:59:59PM
Agent (Maricel G): "Glad you chatted in today and I'll be happy to assist you."
02/02/2011 09:00:12PM
Rainabba: ":)"
02/02/2011 09:00:46PM
Agent (Maricel G): "The memory of Dell Streak 7 can be expanded up to 32 gb. :D"
02/02/2011 09:01:12PM
Agent (Maricel G): "As of the moment we don't have an update for Streak 10 yet. :)"
02/02/2011 09:01:23PM
Agent (Maricel G): "Are you planning to get the Streak 7 today?"
02/02/2011 09:01:33PM
Rainabba: "I'm sorry, by memory I mean RAM, not storage."
02/02/2011 09:02:07PM
Agent (Maricel G): "yeah, it is the same thing Michael :D"
02/02/2011 09:02:24PM
Agent (Maricel G): "The storage is the ram of the unit. :D"
02/02/2011 09:02:29PM
Rainabba: "I'm considering the steak 7. I'd really like a tablet soon, but I'd rather have a 10" one. I'm having trouble finding a 10" one that has all the other specs I'd like (which only the Galaxy and Streak 7 seem to have so far)."
02/02/2011 09:04:30PM
Rainabba: "Actually Maricel, Memory/RAM is nothing like storage. RAM=Random Access Memory and is nearly always volitile. Storage is persistent and by definition not volitile. I wouldn't have started this chat to ask if I didn't know the difference and knew how signi"
ficant it is.Too many 1GHz and dual-core devices exist now running Android which have too little ram and this creates a bottleneck because of how Android manages memory.
02/02/2011 09:06:00PM
Agent (Maricel G): "Oh I see :D" (Notice the 1.5 minute delay here while she looks up the definitions)
02/02/2011 09:06:16PM
Rainabba: ":)"
02/02/2011 09:06:32PM
Rainabba: "I'm surprised that's not listed on the Tech Specs."
02/02/2011 09:07:05PM
Agent (Maricel G): "Sorry about that, I am actually referring to the internal memory or how big is the capacity of the memory to save information."
02/02/2011 09:07:14PM
Agent (Maricel G): "That is right."
02/02/2011 09:08:00PM
Agent (Maricel G): "Well, if your looking for more information about that Michael i would recommend you to call our technical support department."
02/02/2011 09:08:26PM
Agent (Maricel G): "I wish I could further help you but as you've reached the Sales parts and accessories department, I can only place an order."
02/02/2011 09:08:39PM
Agent (Maricel G): "You can call them at 800-624-9896"
02/02/2011 09:09:01PM
Rainabba: "Thank you."
02/02/2011 09:09:05PM
Rainabba: "Have a nice evening."
02/02/2011 09:09:32PM
Agent (Maricel G): "Same to you Michael, I am sorry about this, I wasn't able to help you."
02/02/2011 09:09:41PM
Agent (Maricel G): "Thank you for your time today. Would there be anything else I can help you with?"
02/02/2011 09:09:48PM
Rainabba: "No problem. Take care. That's it."


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