Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A long standing issue finally brought to closure regarding B16

I write this in response to B16 and a blog post he directed me to HERE.

The original post contents (in case they become otherwise unavailable) can be found below:
Life is crazy and unprecedented, but I am taking the time to write this for some insight on whats going on. So far life has been crazy outside the Marine Corps, college is going great, I am currently going for a bachelors of computer science, more less the business side of the house. Anyways, enough of the boring stuff lets get crackin’!
What happened to the drama with that guy from AllDroid? Well let me be exactly clear: Some of my actions were completely filtered by anger/frustration/purely not thinking ahead. I had noticed the owner, (Rain) was very voiced. If he sees something that he sees not fit or great to his liking, for example his quarrels with certain developers (I will not disclose names because that is the past and drama is not needed). Those actions infuriated me and almost became the demise of my involvement in the android community. I made a decision to post root instructions on another site, (also I will not disclose due to the lack of real intelligence that user base seems to flaunt), I was very involved in helping my friend figure out how to root the damn phone, some how I ran across the blogspot before Bird did, but never mentioned because I thought it was old news and for earlier versions of android. Failure on my part, so far my score is negative 2, unconsciously I screwed Rain over and in all reality I just wanted out, there is informants, networkers like Phoxus, Users, Developers and last but not least – TROLLS, oh god the trolls, anyways, I wanted out and the entire scene was getting messy.
Here is the hard part, I have embedded myself in this community, and have met some of the coolest people I have ever met in my life without ever shaking their hand. Rainabba, as much of an asshole I think he can be, he is actually a very cool person aside from his eccentric style of leadership, I am writing this to get a lot of this off my chest, and I recently contacted him and talked a little to him, letting him know I see where I went wrong and that I apologize, I am not taking on the burden of saying I am/was responsible for the failure or damage to the website. I will say though, the effect of my actions were far from positive, they were obviously negative. That being said, I am sorry for those actions and decisions I have made in the past. Anyone who knows me can tell you, or if your a close person to me you know I am a genuine person and veer away from malice in my heart due to the crazy things I have witnessed in previous events in the middle east. For the results of my actions, Mike I am sorry and I apologize, am I owed an apology for the way things have been conveyed to me? No. I don’t request those, except from my daughter. What I did was morally wrong and I didn’t think all things through, I am just saying some of your actions drove me very far and fast away from the foundation of the site. Leading me to leave. Like I said I apologize, sorry for the mess made, and I hope this somehow relieves you of some of the tension, turmoil and stress from the entire chain of events leading up to and thereafter of my actions and correlations with you.
In the other news it feels a quite bit better to let that out. I will be signing up for Google I/O 2011 when the registration opens and I will be getting with Mr Birdman (Steve) and hopefully a few others, I have a hotel on standby and ready for habitation, so yes parties will entail. If you want to get involved and hang out please feel free to let us know on twitter @b16a2smith and @_mrbirdman_.
Also, I now have a nook color, and will probably be doing some work on it, I like the device, so yes it deserves attention. I will fill you guys in on more stuff including the crazy ventures I have chosen in life. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, no trolls please, I paid my toll.

So here's the short version from my perspective. B16 was at the time an admin at AllDroid.org. I was given instructions on how to root the DX from Birdman. I wrote a tutorial to share (of course with the intent of driving some traffic to AllDroid at the same time). B16 posted the same tutorial without credit or mention of me or AllDroid, but on another site, without saying a word to me. After confronting him, I found out that he was angry/upset/annoyed with me, but hadn't said anything. I took this very personally. I won't put words to how I felt because this post isn't meant to reignite old pain, but to explain things as I see them which includes why I feel this issue is now closed and I'm "at peace" about it. Anyway, I eventually got over the incident itself, but have continually found myself nearly enraged at the fact that so few people knew the truth of what happened and until today, B16 had not owned up to it all.

Today everything changed. B16 not only owned up to it, but apologized which is above and beyond. I would have considered it notable if he had done this privately with me, but he went a step further and posted publicly to his personal blog. I respect that and think it means a lot. It's my opinion that it takes courage to do something like that. I'm not here to say we're buddies and trust is hard to earn with me to begin with (thanks in large to me being too willing to give it in the past), but I'm willing now to put this behind us and move forward in at least a professional manner, if not more.

As a fellow Marine who has changed drastically from the time I stood on the yellow footprints to this day, I can understand how the Corps can invoke significant change and I didn't even see combat as he did. The culture shock (I hadn't even seen Full Metal Jacket or The DI) was insane for me and I can imagine what it would be like to multiply that effect a few times, but he's lived it so a drastic change in personality/attitude/outlook (what ever it might be) is something I could understand occurring and believe in. Anyway, not that I'm qualified to "shrink" him, I'm just saying that I believe his post was sincere and I have my suspicions as to why it occurred (he mentioned some of this).

As a result of my anger and resentment at B16, I'm sure I've hurt my image with the community and there's no taking much of this back, but I hope that with his post today, some people can at least come to see why I've taken the position I have with him up to this day and perhaps my humanity can be forgiven to some extent in light of this. I'm not asking to use this as an excuse and I will live with the consequences of my words. If I have stepped out of line at any point, you now have my apology B16.


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