Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In what appears to be unrelated incidents, two men were found dead yesterday attempting to unlock the Droid X from Motorola.
Steve Wozniak, creator and co-founder of the first Apple Computer, was found slumped over his desk yesterday dead from an apparent heart attack.  Mr. Wozniak, who had been seen with a Droid cell phone, was enthusiastic about the rooting of the Droid X and wanted to be involved in the unlocking of the phone.  He told a friend that he would not eat or drink anything until he unlocked the Droid X.  After three days of dehydration, his heart gave out.  In his hand was a scribbled note that read "It can't be done."
Steven Bird (aka Birdman), the person who gave root to the Droid X, died in an explosion yesterday during the one millionth attempt to change the bootloader code in the phone.  At it turns out, the eFuse in the Droid X is not a circuit breaker, but rather a small fuse attached to an explosive device inside the phone.  It is not clear if the eFuse was lit by the one millionth attempt, or if a signal was sent to his cell phone by Motorola.
When Motorola was asked about these two incidents, a spokesman had no official comment, but did say that it is his opinion that both people got what they deserved.  "Messing with Open Source code is not allowed on the Droid X and we are not responsible for the consequences."  When asked if Motorola could transmit a signal to set off the eFuse, the spokesman said "No Comment" but did mention Motorola is giving a free Droid X to each judge in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals who wrote that breaking DRM code was not illegal.

(Submitted by EdEd from http://AllDroid.org and assumed to be pure BS and funny as hell! Hope you got as good a laugh as I did.)


Unknown said...

Love it. At first I could see the heart attack but then I had to re read the part about birdman dieing. Then I saw the explosive part I put down my phone and started to walk away from it, till I glanced down and saw the pure BS part. Great work though.

Unknown said...

Nevar joke about the death of the Woz. You almost gave me a heart attack!

PatrykBaumbach said...

Good stuff

Unknown said...

Love it

Unknown said...

Actually Motorola was not supposed to have access control to the eFuse in its DROIDx Smart Phone. Congress intended for the Department of Homeland Security to maintain the database and exercise sole control over the Motorola DROIDx eFuse. However, Motorola lobbyists managed to cut a backdoor deal with Barney Frank's committee to allow Motorola to install and use warrant-less taps on phones, "...that are suspected of being used in contravention of DRM.

The wheels of Justice move slowly, but they will slowly, and painfully, crush the life out of any company that try's to deny open systems.

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