Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chrome Dev Tools moves Rendering tab and its children such as "Show potential scroll bottlenecks"

Not sure if the beta channel will be effected, but for those bleeding edge web developers running Canary and following tips from rather smart people like +Paul Irish (since May or so), there is a VERY nice tool available in the Rendering options called "Show potential scroll bottlenecks". Recently I needed to turn it back off and couldn't find it or the rest of the Rendering section that was previously in the Dev Tools option dialog.

Thanks to some rather argumentative people in #chromium-support on FreeNode, I did eventually find where it moved to and explained that many of us might find it a bit too hidden considering the publicity it's seen, but apparently the powers that be have their reasons so I wanted to do my best to make sure everyone knows where it went. I'm including a screenshot below to clarify but you must open the "Console Drawer" (where you find the new emulation tab also) and you will find the Rendering tab.

P.S. If anyone know of a Chrome option/extension/start-up-switch/etc.. that might be responsible for that red tint you see, I'd love to hear about it. It's ONLY happening to Chrome, happens on all 4 of my monitors, and occasionally doesn't affect context menus but I cannot figure out the cause.

UPDATE: If you don't see the Rendering tab, go to your DevTools settings and check "Show 'Rendering' view in console drawer."

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Anthonyv said...

Couldn't find this for the life of me. Any idea if they have somewhere where they announce things like this?

rainabba said...

@Anthonyv The following gives you highlights and links to more detailed changelogs on SVN:

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