Monday, June 6, 2011

Something to consider regarding David Wagner (Davidjr621)

A boy (I assume he's a boy) named David Wagner recently created another twitter account to post my personal information, which he received from one of a small handful of people in the Android community who have decided they don't like me in the last couple weeks (or at least finally found the courage to say it out loud).

Twitter being the wonderful service it is nipped that in the butt pretty quickly and I noticed that David's retweet was gone just as quickly (make sense since the original is gone). I was satisfied with this outcome and was ready to write him off as another child in the community throwing a fit, trying to get attention, or something like that but then I started some research to see if I could connect David to the number which prank called me the other night from (609-233-7***) and I realized that David is one of the developers which I had in the past taken the time to setup and promote a collection for so he could upgrade his phone and hopefully help contribute to the community.

Between the conversation below and his recent tweets, we've had no interactions and he has had nothing but hear-say to base any change of opinion on. So easily swayed is his opinion and emotions and the extreme difference amazes me. "You're awesome Rainabba" to being so angry about something he's not even involved in and never checked facts on, that he released my personal information to the Internet without explaining in the least, to anyone why he was upset with me let alone why that was an appropriate retaliation (as if it could be).

I found the conversation below and though it was appropriate to share so that anyone who'd seen his tweets and wasn't sure how to interpret them, OR who considered using them as a basis to form an opinion of me; could gain some perspective on him. The last few lines are the most significant. The rest is just for context.

He is only one of quite a few developers I've setup these donations for by the way and they have in all but perhaps one case, gone DIRECTLY to the developer. I only setup a page to explain the circumstances, provided the tools (site, software, collection plugin which I had to put for myself, and of course the time it takes to create the page and it's contents.)

If you follow me via @AllDroid, you might also find it interesting to note that I've also done this for @_mrbirdman_ and @Drod2169 on at least one, but I believe more than one occasion.

Let me emphasize that I only do this so that you as a reader can better decide how to interpret his malicious tweets and I wish I didn't have to make public what should be private. Lately though it seems that others have no respect for the idea of privacy and this makes me WANT to care less. I hope defending my reputation in this way isn't viewed in a negative light, but I think those who would see it that way are likely not those who I am concerned with reading this.

8:06 AM davidjr621: Hey rainabba
  I had someone tell me they donated through the alldroid page
8:07 AM 
Does it go directly to my paypal?  Or what?  Plus the page isn't updating  For % me: It should. Check your account .8:11 AM I'm double checking the site right now also. davidjr621: I checked it8:12 AM me: And?8:13 AM davidjr621: Nothing8:14 AM me: I'm confirming the settings right now. My power is out though so I have to do it to my tablet. davidjr621: Ahhh8:15 AM meDavidjr621@******.*** is where the donations would be going to. Is that correct?8:16 AM davidjr621: Yes me: Ask the user what their alldroid username is and if they were logged in and tell me that please.8:20 AM ? davidjr621: She was logged in  Corinacakes

5 minutes
8:26 AM me: She donated to the alldroid general page not your page, that's why you haven't seen it. I'll make a payment to you now for the amount she donated which was $25. Ask her if she used the link off of Twitter or she browsed to the donation page .8:27 AM davidjr621: She said she used my twitter one8:31 AM me: I'm not sure which one she used but it was not the one that points to your page. Please ask her to give you the contents of that tweet and pass it along to me so I can determine where the problem was.8:33 AM davidjr621: She hasn't replied  She went Away8:34 AM You gonna send that onto me though right?  I'm sure she's gonna ask8:35 AM me: David if you're going to continue to question me then perhaps I shouldn't be running this donation for you. If you don't trust me then this doesn't make sense. davidjr621: I didn't say I didn't trust you me: Either she made a mistake and she's not admitting to it, or there's a problem on my website. If there's a problem on my website, I want to resolve it to ensure your future donations go to you as they should.8:36 AM davidjr621: K  One sec me: Then please be patient and let me try to find where the problem is. I'm returning her money to her so that she may donate it correctly through the page I've set up for you. davidjr621: She used the Davidjr621Donations one  Alright8:37 AM Brb8:39 AM me: I can assure you she did not use your donation page. This is not the first I've set up this way over the last year and a half. I will make a donation myself so we can be sure that it's working correctly.8:42 AM davidjr621: Ok  Be back in 30 me: I just donated $5.30 and it reflected on the page immediately your address was correct there is no doubt that the page is working properly. I have not made any changes. She did not use the page. Regardless I've given her a refund so she can now use it and give you the $25 donation.

12 minutes
8:55 AM davidjr621: Alright thank you so much  Ill let her know8:56 AM me: K8:57 AM davidjr621: She sent it to me  Your awesome rainabba  I don't get why the DF people don't like you  (Well, miami anyways)

6 minutes
9:04 AM me: I can only guess, but I really have no idea what his problem is.9:06 AM davidjr621: yea, I don't know either