Friday, January 21, 2011

The REAL CVPCS. A great developer, an ungrateful individual.

In response to:

How I know CVPCSM isn't so "friendly and approachable" and why he lost support from AllDroid. This conversation was on July 30th, right after AllDroid's Twitter account was compromised and I make it clear to cvpcsm that he was NOT a suspect, but MDW as a whole was, why, and why I thought he should be careful associating himself with them:

cvpcsm: also, don't give me that crap about how hard you work. i know you work hard for the community mike. i get it, but i never asked you to purchase anything or spend your money, and i work hard as well and don't need you going on like i'm taking advantage of you
me: AllDroid didn't contribute to your ROMs popularity? Asking you not to link away was unreasonable when I PAY for the hosting you got to use for FREE? Warning you about the characters at MDW was bad/wrong? Ultimatum?
cvpcsm: what hosting did you pay for mike? NONE. you host a FORUM. you never ONCE hosted any of my data files
don't give me your crap about how you pay
you have no right to pin that on me any more than you do any other user that posts on your site
also, don't give me that crap about how hard you work. i know you work hard for the community mike. i get it, but i never asked you to purchase anything or spend your [or the money the community has donated towards developers like me] money ...
In a previous conversation - June 14, 2010cvpcsm: i'll take a look soon. oh, just so you know, i have begun rolling out my release today, and as soon as alldroid comes up let me know so i can post it right away. i have a link to alldroid set on my wiki to link in there for the time being until we figure something else out. i'm eager to get some stuff posted and i have mayh3m already set to do basic teir 1 support an alldroid for anyone who needs it. i have a few posts going on some other forums (for press release purposes), but i'm going to basically state there that all support and whatnot will be either on my bug tracker or on alldroid's forums. i hope this is alright with you. me: I'm up and around man. AllDroid is up and flying. cvpcsm: sweet! :D cvpcsm: any chance i could get a subforum under droid releases to post my press release in? i mentioned it to BM but his internet is not doing so well. me: You want your forum name to be? cvpcsm: cvpcs i have big plans to support more devices one day, and each device's rom will be named after a different jewel. (incredible=ruby, evo=onyx, droid2=emerald, etc)
... , and i work hard as well and don't need you going on like i'm taking advantage of you

meWhere the hell do you think the forum runs?! You think the server is free? Forget I said anything. You've definately made your position known. I hope that someday you learn how to be more sensitive. Logic isn't always the ultimate "right". Quite often when dealing with people, there's more than sound logic.

Quite the change of heart in under 2 months ehh? Not too long after his rom (which was brought to the world via AllDroid) gained some real momentum and he became more concerned with exposure than showing some loyalty to those who helped get him there. This is how I see him. Later I was talking with a well-respected member of the community and brought them up to speed in case this became a larger issue and I clarified:
me: Just FYI. Not really an issue, but want you to have context in case it matters down the road. This is typical of someone younger, poorly raised, but VERY intelligent in my opinion. Life experience might teach him eventually.
Then I went on to quote the entire conversation so this individual was fully aware and so nothing would be taken out of context. I've only quoted the most relevant bits here because the rest isn't relevant to this post and I don't want to dredge up old crap more than needed to support my point here.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I'm a very passionate person where my interest and support of Android is concerned. As a result I know I follow my heart too quickly at times. Given what I've endured, matters are made worse, but facts are still facts and nobody has the least bit of reason to call me one thing; dishonest. I always have and always will tell it like it is and admit my mistakes. In this case, it appears that my mistake was expending my efforts and limited resources towards a developer who would not return it even in the form of a thanks.

At least I can say I supported and helped make possible the work he has brought to the community and so I know it wasn't a waste. My opinion (as stated above) remains the same. I think CVPCS is a strong Android ROM developer, but as a person, I find him lacking and don't think it fair for the community to see only part of the truth.

In closing let me say that I'm still greateful (mostly for the sake of Droid owners) that he is still a part of this community, but I can't help but wonder if he'd seen more support (financial in particular) if he was an impressive a person as he is an Android developer. I expect there are plenty out there who are ready to jump up in his defense and tell me how helpful he's been for them. To those people I'd ask, "How far out of his way did he really go for you, and more importantly; you for him?"


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