Friday, August 13, 2010

How did the name/nick/handle RAINABBA come to be?

I had a "Big Brother" (United Way) when I was around 10y/o. He was from England and a truck driver here in the US so his handle was Rainman.

He was teaching me C.B. etiquette and gave me the handle Rainman Jr.

Once the movie Rainman caught on, I got a bit older, and I got online (1200 baud bbs around 12-13 y/o), people were associating my nick with the character in the movie and it began to annoy me.

Around 14 y/o I found out that Abba was Hebrew for father.

One day it just sorta came to me like this: Abba = father, father of the rain, rainabba and BAM, there it was.

Since then I've used it as my well-known handle on the net.


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