Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Droid X has been rooted by Birdman (one of our admins at

You may not hear from him much, but by now you should realize that what Birdman does say should be heard. He discovered a vector earlier this evening and he's done it; Droid X has been rooted (su, not partition flashing for those who still aren't clear on the difference).

This comes only days after the X goes public and following a LOT of nay-sayers claiming it wouldn't happen. They also say that the bootloader won't be cracked. Can't wait to see how soon we get to prove they were wrong also.
PLEASE read more HERE.

If you want to donate to Mr. Bird to show appreciation for his time and efforts, do so HERE. He is a struggling student and can use every extra bit of income. Not to pat myself too hard, but I saw to it that he got an X for nearly nothing to help promote this project.


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