Saturday, November 2, 2013

Verizon Corruption, ISIS and Google Wallet

This is a post from XDA today where I addressed someone with good intentions who is supporting ISIS and trying to defend their decision. Original thread HERE.


I decided to go ahead and check my facts, and yep; they're all still valid and nothing you've said changes that.

Also, NOBODY is left with ONLY the option of using ISIS. They can do like 99.999999% of the population and use cards... OR they can encourage behavior that will further enable a major communications company already well known for abusing their customers to continue doing so.

As for your point about Apple, you're off base there too because Apple doesn't even have enough market share to have such an effect any more and even if they did, they'd come out with their own 'Isis' and watch everyone (including Verizon) bend over and take it. Of course, even Verizon has enough grey matter to keep themselves from that situation so..... it's not going to happen genius.

Your logic is about as strong as something my 3-year old might try on me and it will get about the same response; a condescending tone and then ignored politely with a forced smile. Wanna guess which step we're on now?

By the way, if you think that's raging, you might be a bit on the sensitive side, but if you'd like I can start using a more gentle tone and words just for you. I think I can recall those days from before the Corps reconditioned me (decades ago)

For the logic and/or mathematically challenged, I've gone ahead and compiled some facts of interest to the topic at hand and to explain why ANYONE supporting ISIS in any way is in the minority and only hurting everyone else.

Taken from: ISIS (VerizonT-Mobile and AT&T) and Google Wallet

I'd like to think that the numbers and facts speak for themselves here.


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