Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is the US on the verge of complete ruin?

So congress is still discussing the debt-cap issue and as our country nears this cap, the consequences are beginning to show. As a disabled veteran of the USMC, I receive disability benefits and I’m currently going to school thanks to benefits from the Montgomery GI-Bill, a plan which I choose to pay into nearly 13 years ago. The government has had my money for all this time and now I’m being told that I may lose those benefits.

I can’t even invest in our own government with security? That wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t see our government giving BILLIONS of dollars to private companies that have failed to thrive and should be gone now. Companies which made horrible decisions, practice bad business, have proven themselves corrupt and put our entire country at risk, and are now taking money DIRECTLY out of my pockets. As if paying those companies through my illegally collected federal tax dollars wasn’t enough to disgust me.

As a veteran I find all of this almost impossible to stomach, but what really takes it too far, is thinking of the active-duty troops facing the fear of loosing their pay. As far back as history goes, all major militia have been paid for their service. The way the US structures its military and the support for them, there are 10’s of thousands of troops putting themselves in mortal harms way over seas right now, who also have family here in the states who rely on the paychecks these personnel receive. If they lose their paychecks, the families here who already suffer fear for those they love and the separation that is inherent in the service of our military, how have to fear for their own very survival. The most basic things like food and shelter are at risk.

If sympathy for them isn’t enough motivation to straighten out this mess, the reality that our military will not perform anywhere near optimal levels when they find out their family is facing such fear (or the reality should it occur) should be enough. That means that as a country, we’ve spent the money to put our troops out there (and imagine if that decisions was bad to begin with), put their lives in harms way, all in the belief that it’s needed to secure the future of our country, and now it would all be thrown to the wayside because of wasteful spending and mixed up priorities.

Imagine if we hit the cap, can’t pay our military, things begin to fall apart, another country understands this and takes advantage of it, then we lose lives and/or assets over-seas as a result, THEN our countries moral will take a dive and that will further damage our economy.

All this because someone chose to bail out a bunch of worthless, corrupt thieves called “business men” who would give themselves multi-million dollar bonuses for doing what? If instead someone had the wisdom to intelligently invest that money in other ways and approve the “Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act”, then none of this would be an issue right now.

Our government has already let the terrorists win their war (TSA is the proof) and now they’re playing the very real possibility of destroying our country because of mismanagement of spending and debt. How sad it all is.


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