Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Logic you shouldn't use in regards to nuclear safety.

This will be another short one because there's not much to say, but I think this bit does need to be said.

"The nuclear incident in Japan makes me less sure about the safety of nuclear energy." Aparently a recent poll found that an insane FOURTY PERCENT of Americans agreed with this statement.

Let's put this in perspective but first we must make a point clear. The nuclear incident in Japan has EVERYTHING to do with the people who designed, built, and ran the facility (material choice, location, maintenance, etc..).

If we replace the phrase of nuclear energy with "car", the word incident with "crash", and to bring the idea home, Japan with "California" then let's see how much sense this logic makes:

"The car crash in California makes me less sure about the safety of cars." Based on the logic represented in the first statement, the 2nd should be just as valid but we all know that's beyond far from true. We all drive regardless of the fact that car crashes do more harm collectively across the US than the nuclear incident in Japan has done there.

Why the double standard? Also, why not just look at the bigger issue, the people who maintain the plants? Go do your own research on US Nuclear Incidents and you'll find that it's not the technology that should be a cause of concern, but the people who design, build, and maintain it.

By the way, for those of you living in California (Southern CA in particular); did you know that you live VERY close to a nuclear facility? Personally, I used to live within 30 minutes of it and frequently saw it as I traveled on the I-5. You can learn more about it HERE and see it below.

Oh yeah, here's one for you. Notice how much detail you get if you zoom in on these maps (or Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton where the facility is located) then consider how much harassment you receive from the TSA when flying. Doesn't seem quite balanced does it? You'd think someone would make it more difficult for a terrorist to get so much detail and such a good layout of CRITICAL infrastructure if the US Government is going to harass its own citizens so much when they're using a commercial service THEY PAID FOR. *face palm*

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Here's one more location to consider in the context of my last point (I used to be stationed here and can confirm that this is a LOT of detail and far more than someone would need to get themselves somewhere they shouldn't be).

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