Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Netflix and Hulu working on YOUR Android device! (tested on Xoom and Thunderbolt)

I first posted this writeup on my Android enthusiast site ( here at ).

Firstly, this is NOT a hack and DOES NOT require root. This DOES require a proxy of sorts but I think it can be done free (I paid for the app that's making this possible because it's WELL worth it) and in theory should only require the new Flash 10.2 app from the market, one other app, and a bit of setup. As of right now, is only available for Windows and I haven't found a Linux equivalent (or Mac for that matter). I'm still looking but if anyone else finds one and want to share here, PM me and I'll update this post with credit to you for the info.

Short Version of Directions:

  1. Download and install (get it HERE)
  2. In the setup, enable Netflix and provide your Netflix credentials
  3. Go to the Android market on your device and search for PlayOn
  4. Install and configure the client
  5. Watch your Netflix movies on Android!
  6. Thank me for sharing this simple little trick with you

Longer Version:

  1. Download and install (get it HERE)
  2. Once installation is complete, open the control panel from your system tray.
  3. Be sure the server is running (you should have a green box saying running. See image below to compare). Also be sure server is set to "Automatically run" when your PC starts.
  4. Navigate to the Channels tab and provide your netflix credentials (as well as any other service you'd like that requires them) and check the "enabled" box for that service. Next click the Test button to be sure they're correct and that PlayOn can access Netflix correctly.
  5. If you'd like to try and get mobile access working (so you can access this content from anywhere, while on WiFi at home), navigate to the Mobile Access tab and check "Enable Mobile Access" and if your router supports UPnP (to configure NAT port-forwarding), select "Automatic", otherwise set "Manual" and configure your router to forward port 57331 to the same port on your PC's IP address internally (this process varries for every router, but most modern routers support UPnP though you might have to enable it through your routers web interface). Use the "Test" button to confirm that is accessible from the outside (I believe that uses a server on their end to confirm connectivity).
  6. Now on each of your Android devices, search the market for "Flash 10.2" and install.
  7. Then search the market for "PlayOn" and install.
  8. Open the PlayOn app and follow the instructions to access your content!

PlayOn provides access to all sorts of content and once configured you can access it from virtually any modern UPnP client such as XBox 360, PS3, GoogleTV, etc......



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