Thursday, October 14, 2010

Medal of Honor 2010 killed multiplayer ...

.. just like Bad Company 2 did and for the same reason.  
"EA and DICE aren't trying to make a "realistic" shooter with Medal of Honor. Instead, they're aiming for authenticity, realism's second cousin. It means the weapons will look, feel, and sound realistic, but the developer isn't about to add in weapon jamming or other elements that will slow down gameplay. Medal of Honor's competition, most directly, is Call of Duty, a game series praised for fast, action-packed multiplayer. In order to compete with that, the answer isn't doing something that is going to slow everything down, it's about speeding things up, and adding things that will promote careful play simply doesn't aide in that. Letting players go prone is too much of an advantage, especially when mixed in with Medal of Honor's hit-boxes, which EA and DICE say are down to the actual model itself. 
Think of it this way: the player is allowed to lean around a corner and fire without exposing his entire body. Obviously, this gives that player a large number of strategic benefits. He's able to attack without opening himself up - an important element of combat. Now, with this new-found ability, players will hug walls, lean around every corner, and do their best not to expose themselves. While this is certainly "realistic," it lowers the game's speed dramatically, and creates an entirely different experience for the players. For as silly as it might sound at first, a game needs to be built from the ground up with this sort of thing in mind, and letting players be extremely cautious simply doesn't allow for great action-based gameplay. 
In other words, it's not that they couldn't add these features to Medal of Honor, it's that it's simply not the game for it. 

My Response:

What the hell kind of logic is that?! It's a MILITARY FIRST PERSON SHOOTER isn't it? Why go through all this trouble to make it look, sound, and feel like a modern military shooter then remove such a FUNDAMENTAL aspect of combat.

I am a US Marine. You wanna know the first couple things they taught us about combat? "I'm up he see's me I'm down" and the low-crawl. Why? Because it reduces your visible signature. Know why we use the b-mod and DOG target? Because combat doesn't all occur standing and kneeling (crouched). Targets are frequently prone.

Your explanation implies that this is a sniper and "camper" issue, but EVERYONE would get the same advantage and it's a necessary one when you're taking fire and there isn't sufficient cover, or you need to lay cover fire and can't do so from a protected position.

I didn't buy BC2 because of this retarded logic. Yes, I said RETARDED and I'm as qualified as anyone on this planet to say that in light of the fact that I'm a trained US Marine.

Had I know about this shortcoming, I wouldn't have purchased this title either as I believe in voting with my dollar. Of course I had no idea EA would pull this crap and didn't find out until I'd beaten the campaign and went online. Game Stop won't refund for opened games so is EA going to make this right now?

Damn, if there are that many whiny little kids out there, make a proper hardcore option where weapon damage is as real as it is in the campaign, and add back the lean, slide, and prone so those of us who want a "military first person shooter" on the 360 can have it.

Why is that such a difficult concept for these civilians who were supposedly working with "Tier-1" operators, to understand?

"simply not the game for" ... "realism" as a Military first person shooter?

So they took the time to consult with "Tier 1 operators", and make every aspect of the game as realistic as you could hope for, then RUIN multiplayer gameplay by removing a CRITICAL tactical feature? What's this crap about snipers and campers (a term that only whiny, skill-less kiddies use by the way) why EVERYONE under fire without good cover would want and need? I'd say the only people consulted for this game were 10 year olds civilians that sit behind the desk and buy all that BS called "news". I want a refund then I'm going back to PC gaming (or maybe OnLive) until these console game companies get a clue.

Geez, why not remove the brakes from vehicles Forza 4 or GT5 to "keep the speed of the game up" since speed is all that matters and not a semblance of reality?!


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